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Spring hair loss, can it be prevented?

Hair. Short, long, blonde or black, are considered the crown of beauty. Hair is an important part of us. Quality, shine, health, color, density, and length are frequent topics of discussion for many women and men. However, a less pleasant topic is their loss. Why do hairs fall out? How do I know if I suffer from excessive hair loss? Can it be prevented?

Hair Growth Cycle

The growth cycle has its 3 main phases:

Anagen – growth phase. Each hair grows on average for 3-7 years.
Catagen – the so-called transitional phase. The hair is in it for approximately 2-4 weeks.
Telogen – the final phase – hair shedding. Approximately 10% of our hair is in this phase.

Hair loss is completely natural and part of the hair growth cycle. On average, we lose 50-100 hair per day. However, if you notice a larger amount of hair loss, it may be time to pay attention and consider what the problem might be.

Seasonal Hair Loss

Spring hair loss, can it be prevented?

While everything in nature is coming alive and starting to bloom, your hair “feels” it differently.

You can quickly recognize excessive hair loss. Suddenly, you see your hair everywhere, on the floor, on clothes, or in bed. Clumps remain on your comb, and don’t even mention the bathroom.

However, there’s no need to panic; it’s nothing unusual. In spring, hair tends to fall out more for several reasons.

Exhausted skin

Hair is said to be almost indestructible by nature, besides fire. It cannot be destroyed by frost, high temperatures, or water. However, that doesn’t mean they are not weakened by these influences. During the freezing winter, the skin all over the body, including the scalp, suffers greatly. Low temperatures dry out the skin a lot, and in spring, you may notice increased hair loss for this reason. You can prevent this by increasing hydration during the winter months.

Melatonin Decline

Melatonin is essentially a sleep hormone. While we have enough of it in winter, its production decreases in spring. Therefore, our sleep may lose quality in spring, resulting in problems with our crown of beauty. For hair health, they need quality and long sleep. If you feel you have sleep problems, you can try, for example, CalMag with melatonin.

Improper Nutrition

Spring hair loss, can it be prevented?

During winter, we often forget about healthy eating. Thick sweaters, coats, hide everything necessary, and then there is… CHRISTMAS. Fried foods or a “sea” of cakes, don’t benefit our body or hair.

For their growth, hair needs enough vitamins, minerals, and also water. Therefore, don’t forget about adequate hydration. Give your hair and body a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, nuts, or fish. Hair greatly benefits from supplementing vitamins such as A, B, C, D, E, iron, selenium, biotin, or zinc.

How do I know if it’s “just” seasonal hair loss?

Seasonal hair loss is “Diffuse,” meaning your hair falls out evenly all over your head. However, if you notice hair loss only in certain places and bald patches are forming, we recommend consulting a doctor about this problem. Hormonal changes, menopause, scalp problems, improper and drastic diets, medications, diseases, or improper hair care could be problems.

My Personal Experience

Spring hair loss, can it be prevented?

When I first noticed that my hair was falling out much more than usual, I panicked. My hair had never fallen out in such quantities before, and suddenly I found it everywhere. Of course, I started having horror thoughts about losing all my hair and quickly began to search for the reason and how to prevent it. That’s when I read about spring hair loss, and it reassured me a bit that it was a natural phenomenon. Nevertheless, I wanted to do as much as possible for the health and growth of my hair, so I decided to reach for Beauty Collagen. In addition to excessive hair loss completely subsiding over time, the quality of my nails also improved significantly. My nails have been splitting since childhood and sometimes breaking very painfully, which caused me considerable problems, for example, when playing the double bass. However, since I started regularly taking collagen, my nails have stopped splitting, they are stronger, and they grow faster.

The most important thing in hair loss is to correctly determine its origin; only then can you stop it and enjoy a trouble-free mane.

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